Until further notice, the Matsunaga Institute is operating remotely, and thus Saunders Hall 523 is closed for in-person business.
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Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution

The Matsunaga Institute is a multi-disciplinary community of scholars, students, and practitioners who, through academic programs and outreach, promote cross-cultural understanding and collaborative problem-solving. Residing within the Public Policy Center, the Matsunaga Institute emphasizes critical thinking and collaboration to groom leaders to address contemporary and complex issues in Hawaiʻi, the Asia-Pacific region, and the world.

If we want peace we must educate people to want peace - Senator Spark M. Matsunaga

"If we want peace we must educate people to want peace."
Senator Spark M. Matsunaga

Wed, Oct 28 at 2 PM HST.
Cultural Talk Story Series on "Wominjeka (Welcome): Wurundjeri and Dja Dja Wurung Languages of Melbourne and Central Victoria, Australia" with Erica Higgins and Gerry Terati Lyons "Gman."
Register https://wominjeka.eventbrite.com
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Join us to learn about our online undergraduate and graduate academic programs via the "Matsunaga Institute: Peace and Conflict Education" on Thursday, October 22 at 3 PM Hawaii time.
Register at https://conflict.eventbrite.com
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Commemorate International Conflict Resolution Day on Thursday, October 15,  by participating in the 5:1 Kindness Challenge with our fellow community organizations.
More details and to obtain pledge at https://bit.ly/2.
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"Nagasaki Hibakusha Stories with Mr. Shohei Tsuiki and Mr. Yoshiro Yamawaki" on Wednesday, October 14 at 3 PM HST.
Register at https://nagasakistories.eventbrite.com
Nagasaki hibakusha (atomic bomb survivors) will share their stories of August 9, 1945.
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Here’s a little piece I wrote in #online #participatory #planning in the Summer 2020 newsletter of the Hawaii Chapter of the @APA_Planning:

Learning from Experience: Virtual Participatory Planning and Policy-making During the Pandemic


Join us for a Beginning and End of the Bomb talk story series on "Spark Matsunaga: Warrior Poet with Storyteller Alton Takiyama-Chung" on Thursday, October 8 at 1 PM Hawai'i time.
Register https://sparky.eventbrite.com
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We ask for your support so we can continue our work. Please write a letter of support for the Matsunaga Institute to not be eliminated that can be emailed to uhip@hawaii.edu before Oct. 7. Letters should be addressed to President David Lassner.
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"Equal Lives: Hiroshima Hibakusha Shigeaki Mori and the stories of 12 American POW's with Director G.K. Hunter"
Wednesday, September 30 at 1 PM HST.
Register at https://equallives.eventbrite.com
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