Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution

The Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution (GCCR) allows graduate students and working professionals to study the theory and practice of conflict resolution and develop skills that are valued in a wide range of professions, including public administration, business, law, education, social work, urban planning, and human resource management. The GCCR can be pursued as a separate academic program or earned concurrently with a JD, MA, MPA, MS, MEd, MBA, MPH, MSW, or PhD, or any other graduate degree.

Applying for Graduate Study

The GCCR application deadlines are March 31 for fall admission and October 31 for spring admission. Applications received after these dates will be considered on a case-by-case basis as space allows.

1) Complete Online Graduate Application

Prospective GCCR students, including unclassified students and those earning the certificate concurrently with another graduate degree, must complete the online application as provided by Graduate Division. All questions concerning the application and associated requirements should be directed to Graduate Division. There is an application fee. GRE exam results are not required.

2) Submit Supplemental Documents

Applicants must submit the following documents, if applicable, to the Matsunaga Institute:

  • Resume/CV
  • Letter of interest indicating 1) why you are interested in the GCCR; include your conflict resolution experience and/or goals for participating in the program, and 2) your long-term goals, both personal and professional.
  • Two letters of recommendation: 1) professional letter from an employer, project supervisor, or affiliate in an organization, and 2) one academic letter from a faculty member or department head who is familiar with your record and can credibly comment on your ability and performance as a graduate student.
  • TOEFL scores: For students from non-English-speaking countries the minimum scores are 600/100 (paper/internet). 


The GCCR requirements vary depending upon when a student was admitted to the program. Successful completion of the GCCR requires an average grade point of 3.0 in courses taken for a letter grade. Every course counted towards the GCCR must be taken for a letter grade unless the course is only offered on a Credit/No Credit basis:

For more information contact:

Maya Soetoro-Ng, Matsunaga Institute

Maya Soetoro-Ng
Associate Specialist, Graduate Chair