Hiroshima and Peace Program

Explore contemporary issues related to world peace in the era of globalization through this ten day intensive summer course Hiroshima and Peace at Hiroshima City University (HCU) in Hiroshima, Japan.

Hiroshima and Peace students, August 2018
Hiroshima and Peace students, August 2018
Hiroshima and Peace students, August 2018
Hiroshima and Peace students, August 2018

Since 2004, the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa (UH Mānoa) has had the opportunity to send up to five students to HCU to participate in this unique program. Each summer, during the ten days that lead up to the annual commemoration of the August 6th, 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima, 25 foreign students from over a dozen countries and 25 Japanese students gather together on the HCU campus.

The aim of this summer course is to provide students with a general understanding of the short- and long-term effects of the atomic bombings and many other peace and justice topics. Lectures will be given by specialists in peace research with particular reference to cross-cultural perceptions, perspectives on peace and violence, nuclear weapons, Fukushima and nuclear energy, experiences of survivors, international law, and environmental issues. In addition to the lectures, the course will feature several special programs, including testimony from hibakusha, visits to the Atomic Bomb Dome and Peace Memorial Museum, and participation in the Peace Memorial Ceremony on August 6th.

Both undergraduate and graduate students from UH Mānoa are eligible to earn credit in the course. All the lectures are conducted in English. Homestay accommodations may be available. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience Hiroshima and its nuclear and peace legacies with other international students around the world.

Program Details

Applications for the program are due by December 1st through the Mānoa International Exchange (MIX). There is a $30 Application & $50 Administrative Fee.

The program is available to undergraduate and graduate students from UH Mānoa. Undergraduate students must be at least at a sophomore standing and have a 2.5 minimum cumulative GPA.

All selected applicants enroll in the course below during the UH Mānoa Summer Session II, as well as a three-credit course at Hiroshima City University.

  • Undergraduates - PACE 399: Atomic Bomb Myth (1 credit)
  • Graduates - PACE 699: Directed Reading (3 credits)

Host family is provided free of charge to participating UH Mānoa students. Estimated cost: $2,000-$2,500 including fare.


The Hiroshima and Peace program is competitive, and those selected to participate will be award a small travel grant compliments of the Matsunaga Hiroshima and Peace Award that will assist to cover some airfare. Students will be responsible for any costs that the award does not cover, personal expenses, books, and supplies.

For more information contact:

Brien Hallett, Matsunaga Institute Faculty

Brien Hallett
Undergraduate Advisor
Email: bhallett@hawaii.edu

Mānoa International Exchange (MIX)

Mānoa International Exchange (MIX)
Queen Liliʻuokalani Center 206
Email: outbound@hawaii.edu